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""Whenever I have HvAC problems or need servicing I always contact AC Sherman Oaks. They're very expert towards their work and solve all your needs at an reasonable price. They are the very best!!"
Scott V.

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Lisa M.

"Thank you for the good job you did on the installation of my A/C. I couldn't have requested for a better job to be done. Everything was finished in a timely matter with no hassle to me or my family. You guys are fantastic!!!"
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Duct Cleansing Sherman Oaks

Need Air Duct Maintaining in Sherman Oaks, CA? AC Sherman Oaks also skilled in getting rid of harmful pollution that can contaminate the environment. With our state-of-the-art cleaning systems, we assure a higher quality interior surroundings with our process.

Air Conditioning Sherman Oaks has made a substantial investment in order to provide families the cleanest inside air possible. We use high-powered vacuum equipment, which usually pull 12,000 cubic feet of air each minute. The method is quick: A hose from the truck attaches to the main duct, the specialist simultaneously uses a whip, which dislodges and extracts debris in the duct. The method is repeated in just about every duct. All our specialists are certified as well as EPA and FDA approved guard is non-allergenic. And don't worry; your pets will be fine throughout the method, with the exceptions of birds, which must be removed due to the noise created by the maintaining.

We supply a range of A/C Duct cleaning up and servicing services in the Sherman Oaks region developed to handle your unique needs and our costs are between the highly competitive in the business. Call us immediately for an preliminary system check up as well as get the secure feeling that comes from realizing your heating and air conditioning system is operating as properly and efficiently as possible.

Duct cleaning up helps to remove the following:

* Dust
* Germs
* Pollen
* Mildew
* Bacteria
* Mold
* And more!

We also use these products:

* Air Cleansing and Purification Filters
* Ultraviolet Air Disinfecting Methods
* Air Purifiers - Incorporated into Air conditioning